Brand Story

Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited pursues brand business with the objective of becoming a “global brand” that brings joy to our loving fans around the world.

Our company founded in 1994 by Mr. Kazu Terada, started as a single collection of handbags.  From that one collection, the company has grown into more than 17 different brands. Although Handbags account for 7 different and unique brands; Samantha Thavasa has expanded into varying markets of Jewelry, Luggage, Apparel and Men’s Accessories.

Our store on New York’s Madison Avenue is a major example of our steadily continued efforts toward becoming a global trend.

Since being listed on the stock exchange market in 2005, we have worked proactively to create places for our brands to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We are always uncovering new challenges. We succeeded in opening stores in Asian countries, as the platform towards our advance into Asia. In Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong we are currently embarking upon new challenging adventures towards becoming a global brand.  Also, we have created commercials in collaboration with magazines, unfolding three-dimensional media promotions. We continue to place all our efforts on providing a fun and bright atmosphere to the industry and society.

At the Samantha Thavasa Group, we pride ourselves on policies of maintaining high customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, and we will not allow our stance on these to waver. As the Samantha Thavasa Group continues its journey towards becoming a global brand, we hope you will share in our high hopes for our next leap forward.